10 Steps to create viral content

The enveritasgroup identified 10 crucial steps in the creation of viral content: 1. The content is unique and memorable. If you want people to share your content, make it share-worthy. Whether it’s an animated short film or a perfectly timed newsjackingad, your content needs to stand out if you want others to share it. Don’t think your product lends itself to unique, memorable content? Get creative! 2. The campaigns take a risk. Marketing campaigns that go viral are often a result of thinking outside the box. In an attention-grabbing twist to traditional social media marketing, the Grey Poupon mustard brand set out to create “the most discerning … Continue reading 10 Steps to create viral content

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Story Doing- Show! Don’t tell! I stumbled recently about an article “Forget Storytelling, Start With Storydoing” (http://www.viralblog.com/trends-innovations/forget-storytelling-start-storydoing/) from ViralBlog which caught my attention. The concept of storytelling was familiar to me. It is a way for companies to communicate the story behind the brand or products to its customers. It answers the question why a brand exists and what the brands wants to achieve. Storytelling enables brands to differentiate clearly from its competitors facilitating customers the choice of a product or service which meets their needs in the best way. Storydoing: Turning stories in reality The innovation and strategy company Co:Collective … Continue reading Storydoing