Visualisation of viral content

Visual content is better at conveying emotionality and being understood quickly and easily. Therefore, images and video have an advantage compared to written form content. It is for this reason that image and video sharing dominates online.  As a general rule, according to MOZ-blogvisual content is simply more engaging. Following methods help to visualize content:

Make your content interactive

Interactive content engages the viewer’s senses and attention in a more active way than simple static content. By creating an experience that viewers must participate in, the impact is necessarily enhanced. If there is an emotional angle to your interactive campaign, it can increase the emotional impact substantially.

Make your content personalized

Customized or personalized content is, by its very nature, better at engaging viewers emotionally than non-personalized content. Emotions are more easily evoked when the user can actually SEE themselves in the content, instead of relying on empathy to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

Emotional stacking with lists

If you haven’t been paying attention to lately, you should probably start. They have mastered the art of what I like to call “Emotional Stacking.”

Definition: Lists of disparate visual content, linked thematically, into a list that is purposefully structured to build up a specific emotional response. With each image adding to the emotional reaction of the user, by the time the user gets to the end, he has been worked up into such an emotional state that the desire to share feels almost visceral.


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